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Your Law Firm Office

10% discount on the first month. *

(* The offer is valid for new customers until July 31, 2023 and only for direct bookings via Octavus.)


We meet the requirements for a law firm office according to:

                    §43e BRAO   for lawyer

                    §50a WPO    for public auditor

                    §62a StBerG for councellor

  • Representative and central business address in the heart of Berlin

  • Office sign in the entrance area and own post box

  • Confidentiality agreements with regard to client and data protection

  • Mail is processed separately and preferentially

  • Own local phone and fax number

  • Personal and professional call answering under your office name and call forwarding or message recording as desired

  • Ability to bring office documents to a permanent facility

  • Professional office services as required

  • Flexible use of the entire infrastructure for client appointments

  • Logged call forwarding and / or notification


We undertake to meet the requirements for a law firm's office and to provide evidence of this at the request of the board of the organisation of Business Center e.V.

The registration for your law firm office includes:



registered law firm office

as well as all of the above requirements



from 199 €

plus VAT.

Benefit from the above services and register now.

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