We protect our customers

In order to guarantee our customers an almost normal working day and to offer the possibility to continue using our conference rooms, we at Octavus implement the following steps:

  • Regular/daily disinfection of all surfaces in public areas (Toilets, reception, communal kitchen and corridors)

  • Regular/daily disinfection of all door handles in public areas (Toilets, reception, communal kitchen and corridors)

  • Disinfection of all surfaces in the conference rooms before each conference

  • Provision of disinfectant dispensers in the conference rooms

  • Provision of free disposable masks for all conference room participants on request

  • Plexiglas partitions are available to increase the hygiene protection in the conference rooms

  • Possibility of video conference in all conference rooms

  • Observance of the minimum distance of 1,50m

  • Signs concerning rules of conduct and hygiene

  • Obligation for wearing a mask as soon as your leaving your desk or the conference room

Your Business Center in the Mosse Palais at Leipziger Platz

              Octavus Office & Service Berlin GmbH

              Leipziger Platz 15

              10117 Berlin

We have the quality seal of the Federal Association Business Center e.V.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday:  8:30am - 6:00pm

Our clients: 24/7 access

Phone: +49 (0)30 2589-4000

Mail: info@octavus-office.de

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